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Tạp chí số 5 năm 2013

Tạp chí số 5 năm 2013




Antioxidant Activity of Crude Polysaccharides Extracted fromGanoderma subresinosum-Nguyen Thi Thu Huong, Bui Thi Minh Thu


Anti-Inflammatory Effect of Cream Containing Calendula officinalisLeaf Extract on Carrageenan-Induced Mice Paw Edema Model - 


The Effect on the Ethanol-Induced Locomotor Activity and Subchronic Toxicity of two Herbal Formulae in Mice -Nguyen Nhu Nguyet, Tran Thi Thu Giang, Nguyen Ngoc Khoi


In vitro study on Acetylcholinesterase Inhibitory Activity and Neuroprotective Effect of Bacopa monnieri Linn. - Pham Thi Nguyet Hang, Do Thi Phuong, Nguyen Thi Phuong, Nguyen Minh Khoi


Flavonoid and Sterol Glycosides Isolated from Aconitum carmichaelii (Dexb.) Growing in Ha Giang Province - Vu Duc Loi, Nguyen Tien VungNguyen Thuong Dong, Nguyen Minh Khoi, Do Thi Ha


Two Flavonoids Isolated from the Seeds of Litchi chinensis Sonn. Grown in Vietnam – Tran Thanh Ha, Nguyen Thi Ha, Dinh Nhu Chien, Nguyen Van Nghi, Nguyen Minh Khoi, Trinh Thi Diep


Phenolic Constituents from n-Butanol Extract of the Roots ofReynoutria japonica Houtt. - Nguyen Thi Ha, Tran Thanh Ha, Nguyen Minh Khoi,  Nguyen Van Dau,  Mai Van Cuong,  Doi Thị Hong, Nguyen Thi Dung


A Flavonoid Trisaccharide from the Leaves of Desmodium gangeticum (L.) DC - Tran Thi Hong Hanh, Nguyen Thi Luyen, Nguyen Thanh Binh, Ha Manh Tuan, Nguyen Hai Dang, Nguyen Tien Dat


Phytochemical Analysis and Physicochemical Properties of Essential Oil Extracted from Pogostemon cablin (Blanco) BenthLeaves -Hoang Le Son, Nguyen Thi Ngoc Lien, Trinh Thi Phi Ly,Tran Van Minh


Preparation of Reference Standards of Glycyrrhizic Acid and Glycyrrhetic Acid from Licorice - Bui Thi Chau Phuong, Pham Quynh Khoa, Nguyen Minh Cang, Nguyen Minh Duc


Application of Solid Phase Extraction in Quantitative Determination of Major Saponins in Panax vietnamensis - Le Quoc Viet, Vu Huynh Kim Long, Nguyen Minh Cang, Nguyen Minh Duc


Cloning and Expression of Therapeutic Recombinant Interleukin 29 – Luong Tran My Linh, Nguyen Thi Thuy Trang, Le Thi Thanh Nga, Tran Van Minh, Do Minh Si


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